I never have a chance to use the new features of Java 7 in my day-to-day basis project, so just want to keep it as a reference here:

  • Strings in switch
  • Diamond Operator
  • try-with-resources statement
  • Multi-catch exception
  • Files
  • equals, hashCode and comparaTo methods
  • Null checks

Strings in switch

String s = ...

switch (s) {
	case "hello": ...; break;

Diamond Operator

Instread of:

Map<String, Integer> = new HashMap<String, Integer>();

You can write:

Map<String, Integer> = new HashMap<>();

try-with-resources statement

try (Resource res = ...) {

when the try block exit, res.close() will be called autometically.

Multi-catch exception

try {
 //do someting;
catch(Exception1, Exception2 e) {


It provided static methods to manage a file e.g. Files, Paths:

Path absolute = Paths.get("/", "home", "dev")
Path relative = Paths.get("app", "config", "user.properties")

equals, hashCode and comparaTo methods

There are static mehtods of Objects class:

Objects.equals(a, b)
Objects.hash(first, last)

Integer.compare(a, b)

Null checks

A static method to check null:

String hello = ...