This is a collections of git commands I use as a references when I was lazy to remember them all:

Create and Checkout a New Branch

Branches from currently checked out directory

$ git checkout -b <branchName>

Checkout a Remote Branch

$ git checkout -b <localBranchName> origin/<remoteBranchName>

Clone specific branch from remote

$ git clone -b <branch> <remote_repo>

Abort Changes of a File

$ git checkout -- <fileName>

Modify the Previous Commit’s Message

$ git commit --amend

Partial Change Checkin

$ git add --edit

Undo the Previous Commit

$ git revert HEAD^

Temporarily Stash Changes, Restore Later

After changes have been made…

$ git stash

Do some other stuff here, like switch branches, merge other changes, etc.

Re-apply the changes

$ git stash pop

Rename a local branch

$ git branch -m <new branch name>

Delete a local branch

$ git branch -d the_local_branch

Delete a Remote Branch

$ git push origin :<branchName>

Add a remote branch

$ git remote add <remoteName> <gitAddress>

Get changes from that branch

$ git fetch <remoteName>

Tagging, Deleting, and Pushing Tags

Create a Tag

$ git tag <tagName>

Delete the tag

$ git tag -d <tagName>
Push Tags
$ git push --tags

Combining multiple commits before pushing in Git

$ git rebase -i origin/master
#(-i is for "interactive")

Fixing bugs process

$ git checkout -b issue-#001 master
# Fix the bug ...
$ git checkout master
$ git merge issue-#001
$ git push

# also push to develop branch
$ git checkout develop
$ git merge issue-#001
$ git push
$ git branch -d issue-#001

# non-fast-forward-merge
$ git merge --no-ff

Create new branch on remote repo

$ git branch develop
$ git push -u origin develop

Whenever you merge something into master, you should tag the commit for easy reference:

$ git tag -a 0.1 -m "Initial public release" master
$ git push --tags

Force pull from remote

$ git fetch --all
$ git reset --hard origin/master
$ git checkout develop
Switched to branch 'develop'
$ git merge --no-ff myfeature
Updating ea1b82a..05e9557
(Summary of changes)
$ git branch -d myfeature
Deleted branch myfeature (was 05e9557).
$ git push origin develop

Remove all deleted files before commit

$ git rm $(git ls-files --deleted)